Make up the bride: let's be clear!

8 Mar 2018 - make up, bride

Make up the bride: let's be clear!

I am often asked to talk about the wedding makeup. Let me share with you my thoughts about it.

Brides increasingly expect a detailed explanation of how a trick is made, indicating the exact color eyeshadow, whether and how to follow the traditional rules.

I try in general to approach the subject with great caution, taking into account that the classic image of the bride is linked to the idea of freshness and candor.


Imagine that a made-up girl, dressed and coiffed for marriage, take off the wedding dress, dissolves the hair and wears a pair of jeans with a shirt, and get out on the street.

So dressed will certainly not be regarded as a bride, because her face, her makeup, not identify it as such.

yes trivial but effective Example, I use to reiterate that a bridal makeup does not exist, because if the face of the young had some imperfections to correct the counturing, near eyes or thin lips, for example,, the problem is also faced more than ever on your wedding day: your eyes will be made and spaced a little more fleshy lips etc.…

In other words it will be made a real picture studio, designed specifically for the individual person.



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