Photographer Choice: tips and what to ban

22 Mar 2018 - photographer choice

Photographer Choice: tips and what to ban

The choice of the photographer is one of the very difficult choices concerning marriage, He called a professional to capture the most exciting moments turning them into memories past.

Today the industry is vigorously disputed and often questioned, addressing all issues, magazines, however, in light of all the social changes, occurred over the decades.

They are the people to make a picture special

To the question: “What is really important in photography?” – and in this case I would add: for the most beautiful day?
I think the answer is simple…people! The make "subjective a subject", in my opinion, basically embodies the art of photography.

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When choosing the photographer a few tips to keep in mind

The photos and video of the wedding are the indelible memory of the long-awaited day. For this, the choice of the professional who will do the photo shoot is very important. Below I propose two tips to keep in mind when you choose the photographer:

  1. Do you agree with the professional style you would like to have for your photos / video and the album which will collect your memories. In my opinion, eliminate all the special effects, the free soft focus or make the image of the subject too perfect, the fake fireworks.
  2. Do not delegate the photographic work to a wedding guest – no matter how good it is: the impedireste one hand to enjoy the ceremony and the other is always better to rely on professionals. Also assure you that your guests do not “disturbino” operators during the entire ceremony and vice versa.

The main challenge of the photographer, even before solving the technical problems, It is to empty ourselves from the fears, prejudices and try to empathize with the situation is with what people are trying claws.

See what I can do for you.

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